Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Table Fix

As proud as I was about my dining room table I, of course, messed it up the first night we got it.  Celebrating five years of marriage with Lumbrusco, I got a drop of red deliciousness on the table, staining it slightly.

Out, damn'd spot!

Quick fix: sand, paint, lots more layers of shiny stuff to (hopefully) protect it against my clumsiness.  I sanded down the stained areas and put a thin layer of paint back on.  Let that dry, and put coat after coat of the clear stuff on.

PS: It's weird to see a closeup of your own hand

I did this in my front yard, but had to move the table in when we went to the grocery store because I was afraid someone would think it was out there because it was free and steal it.

This is not free.  Do not steal this table

Permanent fix:  Some type of plexiglass or something to go over it.  Not sure how it would affix on the table.  I don't want to make the edges higher than the middle, but other than some type of adhesive on the corners or edges, I'm kind of at a loss.  Ideas?  Suggestions?


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  2. I recommend getting a sheet of plexiglass (or glass), and just putting thin, rubber'esque spacers on it; at the corners, and maybe the middle. They make them so they stick on the glass, are relatively translucent, and they would grip the table well, so the glass doesn't slide.