Where We Are


The beginning

Where we are now

What we've done:
  • Dismantled the heavy old dark wood table and used a small kitchen table instead. 
  • Painted that small kitchen table's top white.  The table is smaller than we want for a real dining room table, but until we can agree on something, this will have to do!

Left to do:
  • Buy a rug
  • Work on gallery wall (in the process now)
  • Buy curtains/blinds
  • Remove stupid shelves that came with the place or find something to put on them
  • Put up our wine-racks (you know, the silver ones that EVERYONE has from IKEA)
  • Find new cushions for the matching chairs
  • Remove rest of junk (why is there a plunger and a stroller both in the dining room??)
    • Thanks to my awesome hubby who removed all of the junk as part of my anniversary present!
  • Decide if this is going to be a neutral room or a colorful room. 

Coming soon: a look at more of the rooms of our current house as it is now (this will be a little scary)