Monday, August 8, 2011

Creative Canoe Storage

As some of you might recall, I'm spending my first summer in Alabama.  Where the military sends me, I shall go.  However, I left strict instructions with Mr. Move-a-Lot to take care of everything while I was gone (dog, cats, house, car, baby....and my garden!)  So you can guess which one gets ignored (No, it's not the baby.)

I returned for a 24 hour trip last weekend to find my lovely backyarden (It's kind of a back yard, kind of a garden,. Do you see what I did there?) full of weeds, one dead hosta, and that stupid canoe still on the ground.  I had left half of it mulched, and a bag of unopened mulch still sat baking in the hot DC sun. 

All I wanted, and have wanted for a while, was to do a little trimming, and to put that canoe somewhere.  So, Mr. Move-a-lot dragged out the tools we bought to do this project weeks and weeks ago, and we were off!

Drill, Hook Thingies, Yard Clippers

Mr. M went to town on the canoe while I tried to salvage my yard.

Hook Things go in the fence
No hope for the hosta
Two quick drills in the fence, and one double-person lift, and the canoe was up off the grass it was smothering and hanging on our fence!  I spent some time trimming, and Mr. M. weed-whacked our yarden until it was looking moderately better.  I even put that 2nd bag of mulch out (of course, I still need more to finish the whole thing) but it looks much better now, and we are proud of our creative canoe storage.

Now, if only he'd let me paint something pretty on the bottom of the canoe.....

What's a creative storage solution you've had to invent on the fly???


  1. Nice storage solution. We are completely slacking about doing anything home related. The puppy has sucked up all my time. I really like the term "backyarden" I think that's going to catch on like crazy.

  2. Where did you find those hooks?

  3. I believe those were a Home Depot find.

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