Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dining Room Preview

Just a quick little post about the dining room.  Currently, the table is being painted and I'm working on the gallery wall.  Neither project is done enough for a whole post, but here's a preview:
Please note that a tarp never prevents me from spilling paint everywhere anyway
This is the table with a coat of primer on it.  To be followed by two coats of white paint, to be followed by two coats of some clear stuff that's supposed to be awesome.  I am following this tutorial on Young House Love for some guidance.  Still contemplating some type of top layer or plastic or glass or something, based on the concern of my friend, the Bashionista, about little messy toddler hands on my nice white tabletop.  Hmmmm.....

Au natural
Another in-the-works-project is the gallery wall.  I keep going back and forth.  I love the look of these unfinished wood frames and mirror ($2.99 and $5.99 at Michaels) that I can put stuff in.  Coupled with the white/unfinished table and the white walls, it might make for a nice and neutral dining room.  Then, I got to thinking, am I nice and neutral?  No, I am not.  So now I'm thinking about picking a couple of bold colors (lime green and orange? yellow and orange? why must it be orange?) to paint these frames, and get matching curtains/chair pads to accent.  Mr. Move-a-Lot, while he cares very little for my design projects (other than the occasional veto) suggested trying the neutral look, because I can always paint later.  Harder to go from painted frames to unfinished.  Oh Mr. Move-a-Lot, you are wise.

Hoping to put it together more soon, but wanted to let all 5 of you that read this know that I'm actually moving forward with a project.  Exciting, I know!

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