Monday, October 17, 2011

Endless Possibilities

Who doesn't love the idea of a gallery wall?  They're pretty much all the rage now, but I love them because it allows me to hang up all the random crap I have on the wall and call it an amazing artistic feat.

Here's my ideas for what to hang on the wall, and here's a sneak peek at what I already have:
I'm in love with this idea from Carmel over at Our Fifth House and since we are, indeed, the Move-a-Lots, I'd like to put up pictures of all of our houses as we bounce around the county.

Baby Move-a-Lot drawings!  His day care teachers have all kinds of arts and crafts they send home with him.  Mostly paint smudges, but, as his mother, I love them madly!

  Some cute travel-focused hearts or shapes to frame.  Maybe places we've been, where we were all born?  Who knows!  Inspired by this at netoflak

 Wall decals!  I got a groupon for Dali Wall Decals, and I might use it to buy a neat decal to play with on my wall.  Maybe a bird escaping from a cage?
    Here's what I've collected so far:
    We love photo booths!  Starting with our early dating trip to Rome, but this one is Atlantic City, my post-bar trip.   Trying to show off my belly in the top shot, but it pretty much just looks weird.

    Hard to see - better photo in the full post, but this is the library where I worked growing up.  Photo by my friend and photographer, Richard Marheine

    A "B" which is our initial.  Terribly creative, I know

    is the "neutral" phase of the gallery wall, and we'll see how it looks before I change to brighter.  That's just a few things I've collected to put up.  Hope to show you a full post soon!


    1. Wow! Love what your doing.In fact you just gave me an idea with what to do with my pictures.Brilliant work.Thanks for sharing. Keep posting for more.

    2. Sure thing! I've moved my blog stuff over to so head over for more ideas!