Monday, June 6, 2011

A Little Garden All For Me

It’s summer in DC!  Just ask the thermometer who is currently taking a nap under a shade tree. Whew, it’s hot and humid, but I’m excited to have a cute little outdoor area in our new townhouse.  It’s small, much to my dog’s dismay, but it’s already got a lot of great plants and a teeny tiny yard that maybe I can even manage!

The yard:
That's right, be jealous of my mad Paint editing skillz

The goal:  A Moroccan themed paradise that I’ll want to lounge in while I drink some tea and read a book.  

The plan at the moment: Rake up the old leaves, cut back the current plants, and really see what we are working with.  I’d like to buy some cute sparkly something-or-others to hang off the branches from my neighbors’ trees.  A couple of cushioned bright colored chaise loungers and a mosaic table (perhaps a DIY project like this one from Fresh Home ).  And an outdoor rug/mat.  

Any recommendations?  Also – how do I keep the mosquitos at bay in this new paradise??  They are killer!


  1. How cute! I love the idea of a Moroccan themed lounge. As for the mosquitos, maybe those tiki torch things? Even though you can't really keep those going all the time.

  2. Not a bad idea. And it would complement the theme, I think. For now, we just have cans of OFF near the back door!