Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Who needs a closet, anyway?

I don’t have a lot of dreams, but one of them is to have a proper place to put my phone/bag/purse/keys/hat when I come into my house.  Before we moved here, I couldn’t remember what our foyer looked like, but hoped it was big enough to put together a table station just for that purpose.  Alas, it was not to be.  The foyer is simply too narrow for even the slimmest of tables to be useful and not be in our way as we walk through. But I have an idea.

The closet:  This is our “hall closet” right inside our front door

The goal: Create a great out-of-the-way dump station for all of our stuff.

The plan: Remove the closet doors and find a table to go inside for all of our junk.  Build a boot box to put shoes and make sure there are enough hangers/hooks for our uniforms.  

The big problem is that I want to put a charging station there for our phones (which don’t work too well in our house anyway, thanks Sprint!) BUT there’s no outlet close by.  Our solution would have to be running something out of the closet, over the front door, and into the dining room.  Hmmmm……

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