Sunday, June 26, 2011

Inspiration from DC

Moving from city to city can be taxing, but each city brings with it design inspiration!  Here's just a few things I've found that inspire me.

This kitchen makes me want to cook
This (above) is Julia Child's kitchen, current on exhibit at the Smithsonian (you may have seen Amy Adams go visit in in Julie and Julia).  I love the green, love the layout, and love love love the hanging pots.

Presidentially ethereal
 This one is the actual bedroom of George Washington.  We visited his house at Mount Vernon the first weekend we were in DC.  I love this white airy look.  The walls are actually a light blue, and I'm telling you, this bedroom could be right out of the pages of Elle Decor.  Note: He actually died in this room, but I assume they washed that comforter.

A good tip for anyone
My folks have already visited and we went to the Smithsonian American History museum where we saw a lot of war memorabilia.  Now, since Mr. Move-a-lot and I are in the military, we pretty much keep our house free and clean of military stuff (separation of house and work!) but I love the look of vintage posters and I love how completely inappropriate this would be in our entryway.  Which means I have to have it.

Earhart was a browncoat!
I love the legend of Amelia Earhart.  The mystery, the intrigue, love it.  And I also love fashion and the show Firefly which was tragically cancelled. (More about that on my personal blog here)  But it looks like Amelia was perhaps just forward thinking in her style, cause this jacket is just effing cool.  Yeah, it's not really about design per se, but I would wear this in my designed house all the time. 

So, in just a month, I've found a bedroom, a kitchen, a hallway decoration and a jacket to wear.  Not too shabby!

What inspires you in YOUR city??

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