Thursday, July 7, 2011

Scary or Cute? I say Cute!

I've been vulturing around wall decals for a while, and frankly, I find most of them cheesy.  I am sure they look fabulous in all of your houses, but I haven't seen anything that I really wanted to put on a wall.  I'm not into cliche quotes, I don't need hearts all over my walls, you get the idea.

Then, on a random "I don't really need anything but here I am" trip to Target, I found these little birds-on-a-wire on clearance and immediately pictured our guest room done up in gorgeous tans and browns with big birds where the headboard is supposed to be (and isn't).  Of course, I bought them for $10 and found that the big birds on a wire were actually teeny tiny birds on a wire that wouldn't fill an eighth of the space I wanted.

But fear not! I found a home for them.  I love the idea of guests pulling down a cheap little blind and finding a surprise!
What surprise is lurking in this window?

Birdies on a wire!

A closeup.  I'm in love with these little birds that will watch over my guests.

My concern was that they were a little too creepy in a "we're watching you" sort of way, but I think they are kinda adorable.

Have you ever done a little surprise in a room for people to discover? 


  1. Thanks! Check out those end-of-the-row clearance racks at Target!

  2. Thanks! I like the idea of little birdies watching out for things. Was hoping they weren't too "The Birds"