Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just take a little off the top, please

Remember the first shots of my backyard?  Well, after a little bit of work on my part, and a whole LOT of work on the part of my dad who came out to DC for a week , the before and after of my back yard now looks a-like so:

BEFORE: My garden grows too much!

AFTER: Looking nice and groomed

Turns out, plants grow better with water.  I KNOW!  It came as a shock to me as well.  But I'm happy to say that after just ONE watering, that big poofy plant (hydrangeas, I hear they are called) bloomed some big poofy purple blooms and stopped looking like a sick plant coughing up purple phlegm.  My dad raked out all the leaves from last fall (I'm assuming) that were choking plants and grass all over the place.  Then, he went to town with the hedge clippers, especially to the bushes near the back gate.  A little weedeating is all the lawn took, so that was pretty fast, although all the trimming and such required a couple big trash bags.  Mom and I pulled some vines and lots of dead leaves off the bushes that were dying so that new healthy leaves could come in.

My diligent Dad going to town on the plants

I'm trying to get in the habit of watering the plants every day in the morning when I let the dog about before work.  And also to stop said dog from sitting on these big ferns to take his morning latrine break.  No luck on that front yet.  As for the mosquitos, I'm starting cheap, with this stuff.  Haven't cracked it open yet, but I'll let everyone know.
Please please please work!
Future goals for this space: replace the stepping blocks with something bright and cheerful, get a great outdoor mat to cover most of the concrete, work on that mosaic table that I mentioned earlier, and find a place for that stupid canoe that Mr. Move-a-lot doesn't have the heart to toss yet.

What do you think?  A good start, right?

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