Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Yankee moves South

Since I've been in my new place for one month, I figure it's time to move-a-long.  Yes, this Move-a-lot is headed to the Dirty South for 9 weeks while I do some Air Force training at Maxwell Air Force Base.

So, what to take to make myself feel at home?  One the list:
  • A plant
  • lots of pictures of Mr. and Baby Move-a-Lot
  • My own comforter and pillow
  • My little bowl that holds my wedding ring because I'm terrified to wear it when I wash my hands or shower
  • My laptop (of course!)
 What else should I take?  What would YOU take?


  1. I always take my favorite stuffed toy with me and one of Andy's t-shirts to sleep in (it smells like him . . . at least at first). Also, Kindle!!

  2. Kindle is definitely headed down with me! My favorite stuffed toy is Avery, and he's not allowed to come with. Boo.

  3. A can of Skoal. You want to blend in, right? :)

  4. Ha ha, true dat, Ken. I will also wear my Confederate bikini.