Thursday, April 21, 2011

Best Guestbook Ever!

Saturday is out big farewell party for all of our friends in and around Boston.  I wanted to share my idea of a perfect guestbook, which, in fact, we also did at our wedding.  Sure, you can lay out a book and everyone can write their names, but all you have is a list of names!  To make it more special, for our wedding, we had each guest use a fancy pen (which also served as a wedding favor - bonus!) and write us a note of love on the back of their place card.  Then, on our first anniversary, we opened all of the cards and enjoyed reading all of the notes.  They ranged from the sweet to the serious to the odd ramblings from folks who really took advantage of our open bar.  A much better tradition than freezer-burned cake!

Here's our version for our farewell party.  I am really really sad to be leaving, so hopefully people will write us some great notes that I can read when I get homesick for Boston.  Which will likely happen before I'm even out of the city limits!

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