Monday, April 18, 2011

Rent This House!

Mr. Move-a-lot and I foolishly bought a house that we fell in love with in Boston, although we were pretty sure we wouldn't stay there long.  And we were right!  We got orders to move to Washington, DC, so we decided to rent our lovely house for the next 30 or so years.

However, a house built in 1900 has a lot of things to do.  Aesthetically, structurally, this house had some issues. Here's some before/after pictures of our house, as well as some information on everything we had to do.  I love the idea of "staging" a home, so I tried to make it look at nice as possible before renters came through!

Full bathroom: redid the floor, painted, changed vanities, and decorated.
Bathroom before
Bathroom after

Guestroom #1: Painted the wood paneling and painted all the brown trim white.  Decorated
Guest room before

Guest room after

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