Monday, April 25, 2011


The thing you discover about moving is you have SO. MUCH. STUFF!  Everyone once in a while I feel like throwing everything away and starting over.  But, then I find a mug that I got in Iraq that reminds me of something.  Then I spend an hour on Facebook reading profiles of people that the mug reminded me of.  It's a slippery slope.

But, moving a lot does give you a chance to get rid of some things, and at our farewell party, I tried something new.  Everything I wanted to give away, I told people to browse through and take.  Some things (fondue pot) we registered for at our wedding and never used.  Some things (Roomba vacuum) are awesome and I used it, but I'm ready to send to a new home.

Some things I had already given to folks via my personal blog but for stuff left over, I set up everything and gave folks post-it notes to take stuff if they wanted.

And....nobody really took anything.  Although a few kids at our parties enjoyed playing with the rollerblades.  A great idea that wasn't TOO successful, but the up side is that now everything is all together in one place for me to box up and take to Salvation Army!

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