Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Tip Day

This might not have a lot to do with moving, but once I learned this tip, a whole new world opened for me.  I love flowers, and every once in a while, Mr. Move-a-lot will stop by a grocery store or gas station and pick me up a small bouquet of something.  Carnations, daisies, I love them all.  But, of course, they ususally die in a day or so.

UNLESS you put a tiny little bit of bleach in the water.  Toss out the plant food that comes with, add a quarter to half a little capful of bleach and those flowers will keep going long and strong.  Right now I've got a simple little bouquet of flowers that someone got me still looking fresh and it's been OVER TWO WEEKS since I got them.

Have a great and flower-filled weekend!

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